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double Stars::CalcAriesSideralTime ( int  Y,
int  Mo,
int  D,
int  hr,
int  min,
int  sec 

funzione sofa per calcolare anno Juliano

Definition at line 125 of file stars.cpp.

      double djm0;
      double djm;
      iauCal2jd(Y, Mo,D,&djm0,&djm);///funzione sofa per calcolare anno Juliano
      double Jtime = djm0 + djm;

      double hourrate =15.041068664;
      double GAST = iauGst06a(Jtime,0.0,Jtime,0.0);//funzione sofa per calcolare Ts alle 0UTC data
      GMST = iauGmst06(Jtime,0.0,Jtime,0.0);//g. Mean Sideral time
      GMST = GMST * RADEG;
      GAST = GAST * RADEG;//Ts in gradi
      double dfrac =  hr+((min+(sec/60.0000))/60.0000);
      GAST = GAST + dfrac*hourrate;
      GMST = GMST + dfrac*hourrate;
      equinox = GAST - GMST ;

      Ts = GAST;

      return Ts;


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