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//Solar Position Algorithm (SPA)
//for Solar Radiation Application
//May 12, 2003
//Filename: SPA.H
//Afshin Michael Andreas
//afshin_andreas@nrel.gov (303)384-6383 //
//Measurement & Instrumentation Team
//Solar Radiation Research Laboratory
//National Renewable Energy Laboratory //
//1617 Cole Blvd, Golden, CO 80401
// Usage:
//1) In calling program, include this header file,
//by adding this line to the top of file:
//#include "spa.h"

//2) In calling program, declare the SPA structure:
//spa_data spa;
//3) Enter the required input values into SPA structure
//(input values listed in comments below)
//4) Call the SPA calculate function and pass the SPA structure
//(prototype is declared at the end of this header file):
//Selected output values (listed in comments below) will be
//computed and returned in the passed SPA structure. Output
////will based on function code selected from enumeration below.
//Note: A non-zero return code from spa_calculate() indicates that //
//one of the input values did not pass simple bounds tests. //
//The valid input ranges and return error codes are also
///listed below.
#ifndef __solar_position_algorithm_header
#define __solar_position_algorithm_header

#define PI              3.141592653589793238462643
//enumeration for function codes to select desired final outputs from SPA
enum {
      SPA_ZA,//calculate zenith and azimuth
      SPA_ZA_INC,//calculate zenith, azimuth, and incidence
      SPA_ZA_RTS,//calculate zenith, azimuth, and sun rise/transit/set values
      SPA_ALL,//calculate all SPA output values
00085 typedef struct
//----------------------INPUT VALUES------------------------
            int year;   //4-digit year,valid range: -2000 to 6000, error code: 1
            int month;  //2-digit month,valid range: 1 to 12, error code: 2
            int day;    //2-digit day, valid range: 1 to 31, error code: 3
            int hour;   //Observer local hour, valid range: 0 to 24, error code: 4
            int minute; //Observer local minute, valid range: 0 to 59, error code: 5
            int second; //Observer local second, valid range: 0 to 59, error code: 6
            double delta_t; //Difference between earth rotation time and terrestrial time
                                    //    It is derived from observation only and is reported in this
                                    //    bulletin: http://maia.usno.navy.mil/ser7/ser7.dat,
                                    //    where delta_t = 32.184 + (TAI-UTC) + DUT1
                                    //    valid range: -8000 to 8000 seconds, error code: 7

            double timezone;//      Observer time zone (negative west of Greenwich)
                              //     valid range: -12 to 12 hours,error code: 8

            double longitude;//  Observer longitude (negative west of Greenwich) valid range: -180 to 180 degrees, error code: 9
            double latitude; // Observer latitude (negative south of equator) valid range: -90
                                          //to 90 degrees, error code: 10
            double elevation; //Observer elevation [meters] valid range: -6500000 or higher meters,error code: 11

            double pressure;  //Annual average local pressure [millibars]
                                          //valid range:0 to 5000 millibars, error code: 12
            double temperature; //Annual average local temperature [degrees Celsius]
                                          //valid range: -273 to 6000 degrees Celsius, error code; 13

            double slope;           //Surface slope (measured from the horizontal plane)
                                          //valid range: -360 to 360 degrees, error code: 14
            double azm_rotation; //Surface azimuth rotation (measured from south to projection of
                                          //surface normal on horizontal plane, negative west)
                                          //valid range: -360 to 360 degrees, error code: 15
            double atmos_refract;//Atmospheric refraction at sunrise and sunset (0.5667 deg is typical)
                                          //valid range: -5  to  5 degrees, error code: 16
            int function;           //Switch to choose functions for desired output (from enumeration)

//-----------------Intermediate OUTPUT VALUES--------------------
            double jd;//Julian day
            double jc;//Julian century
            double jde;//Julian ephemeris day
            double jce;//Julian ephemeris century
            double jme;//Julian ephemeris millennium
            double l;//earth heliocentric longitude [degrees]
            double b;//earth heliocentric latitude [degrees]
            double r;//earth radius vector [Astronomical Units, AU]
            double theta;//geocentric longitude [degrees]
            double beta;//geocentric latitude [degrees]
            double x0;//mean elongation (moon-sun) [degrees]
            double x1;//mean anomaly (sun) [degrees]
            double x2;//mean anomaly (moon) [degrees]
            double x3;//argument latitude (moon) [degrees]
            double x4;//ascending longitude (moon) [degrees]
            double del_psi;//nutation longitude [degrees]
            double del_epsilon;//nutation obliquity [degrees]
            double epsilon0;//ecliptic mean obliquity [arc seconds]
            double epsilon;//ecliptic true obliquity [degrees]
            double del_tau;//aberration correction [degrees]
            double lamda;//apparent sun longitude [degrees]
            double nu0;//Greenwich mean sidereal time [degrees]
            double nu;//Greenwich sidereal time [degrees]
            double alpha;//geocentric sun right ascension [degrees]
            double delta;//geocentric sun declination [degrees]
            double h;//observer hour angle [degrees]
            double xi;//sun equatorial horizontal parallax [degrees]
            double del_alpha;//sun right ascension parallax [degrees]
            double delta_prime;//topocentric sun declination [degrees]
            double alpha_prime;//topocentric sun right ascension [degrees]
            double h_prime;//topocentric local hour angle [degrees]
            double e0;//topocentric elevation angle (uncorrected) [degrees]
            double del_e;//atmospheric refraction correction [degrees]
            double e;//topocentric elevation angle (corrected) [degrees]
            double eot;//equation of time [minutes]
            double srha;//sunrise hour angle [degrees]
            double ssha;//sunset hour angle [degrees]
            double sta;//sun transit altitude [degrees]
//---------------------Final OUTPUT VALUES------------------------
            double zenith;//topocentric zenith angle [degrees]
            double azimuth180;//topocentric azimuth angle (westward from south) [-180 to 180 degrees]
            double azimuth;//topocentric azimuth angle (eastward from north) [0 to 360 degrees]
            double incidence;//surface incidence angle [degrees]
            double suntransit;//local sun transit time (or solar noon) [fractional hour]
            double sunrise;//local sunrise time (+/- 30 seconds) [fractional hour]
            double sunset;//local sunset time (+/- 30 seconds) [fractional hour]
            } spa_data;

//Calculate SPA output values (in structure) based on input values passed in structure
            int spa_calculate(spa_data *spa);
            void calculate_geocentric_sun_right_ascension_and_declination(spa_data *spa);
            double julian_day (int year, int month, int day, int hour, int minute, int second, double tz);
            double julian_century(double jd);
            double julian_ephemeris_millennium(double jce);
            double julian_ephemeris_century(double jde);
            double ecliptic_mean_obliquity(double jme);
            double ecliptic_true_obliquity(double delta_epsilon, double epsilon0);

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